The Arcane Ecology Story

Arcane Ecology is the product of avid gardener Alex Waller. Armed with a collection of mostly second-hand tools, a seven-year old 900cc Dacia Sandero owned from new, and a third-hand trailer recently made into a box, no other landscaper in Nottingham can achieve so much with so little a commercial vehicle.

Whilst on a Permaculture Design course in Norwich back in 2016, he saw a need for a different approach to all kinds of green spaces than what is commonly taken. Councils should consider desire lines more in public spaces. True genetic engineering occurs in a field by its own self-selection, not in a laboratory. Nature loves the edges, nurture maximises them.

By learning through experimentation at home, first with an inner city potted garden growing tomatoes among others, then moving on to a rural farm house growing massive pumpkins, the aptitude of an effective garden planner has been gradually honed to a nature-loving edge.

With experience this year from completing various jobs labouring with an established tree surgeon, and cultivating a vegetable garden from scratch, Alex tries to keep buys providing even more for more people.

The Symbolism Behind the Logo

Created by Maurílio Barreto

A chance online encounter with Brazilian artist Maurílio Barreto gave existence to this logo, which I have used ever since. The particular chat logs of its creation are now lost forever in time, but I can tell you how it all came about.

Originally I had a crude example illustration painted in emulsion paint on a large canvas, again with the arrows in the middle. This is significant because all the directions energy can move when a lot of its put into one place resonates with a successful gardener. A bed is made with a certain combination of mulch, and from there nature takes over with its many possibilities for what does and does not grow.

The spade and fork are based on real examples which were part of a set gifted to me by my grandparents when they gave up their allotment. The spade isn’t actually much use now due to its flexibility at extreme leverage, but I have yet to directly replace any of them – or even see another one quite like them!

The shamrock in the sun is representative of my Irish grandfather on the other side of the family, but also the luck you ultimately need with the weather in order to get anything done…!

Out of my mum’s bedroom were the plants in the wreath design. I wanted to pass on an example of what British plants were like to my artist friend in Brazil, and also raspberries are quite tasty.

Maurílio added the bees himself to represent mutual care – and because he is incredibly good at drawing them! Please look at his other brilliant work here and also here if this artwork has affected you.

After all I only commissioned it – but as you can see it is integral to my work and story.

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